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4700 Main St N 101, Orange Beach, AL 36561








12-6 PM
12-6 PM
12-6 PM
12-6 PM
12-6 PM
12-7 PM
12-6 PM


Policies for Fun & Safe Play

1. Please wait for an Outer Limits team member to assist you onto a ride.

2. Food or drinks are not permitted inside VR Game Room.

3. Please exercise care, and caution when using the gaming systems. If equipment is carelessly damaged on any way the user, parent or guardian will be responsible for damages incurred.

4. Cleanlieness and hygine are a must! After each use headsets are cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

5. Age restirtcions: Children age 6 or under will only be permitted to certain machines.

6. Eye Glass Wearers: If your frame is smaller than 142MM wide and 50MM high, it will fit our VR goggles.

7. Rides are first come first served.

8. At the conclusion of your gaming time please wait for a team member to assist you off the machine. 

9. Staff has the ability to pause or stop any session if you are sick or the staff deems it necessary.

10. Anyone with a history of seizures linked to an epileptic condition should consult a physician before using VR equipment.

11. Refunds will not be given or extra tickets issued if play session was stopped by staff due to customer behavior.

12. Any tickets not used during a session may be used at a later date, and have no expiration date.

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